About Us

We live in a world where the demand for leadership exceeds the available pool of talent. Over and over again the call for better leaders goes unanswered. Today’s leaders are not only required to execute flawlessly but also communicate effectively. Individuals are called upon at an increasing rate to respond to challenges that propel them in the public eye regardless of their level of preparation.

Our lack of leadership skills is often brought to the fore at the worst possible time, when challenges arise at home, the office or even in our personal lives. These shortcomings  usually force us to capitulate, or worse, lash out for lack of proper communication, planning or execution training. The complexity of those challenges increases exponentially when a microphone or a megaphone is placed between us and a captive audience. Do we shrink or step up? Sink or swim?

We generally learn to respond to these challenges through some form of formal or informal leadership training. Leadership skills have traditionally been acquired through observation, experience or formal education, avenues which are usually time consuming, laborious and not always accessible to all.

Power Speakers Toastmasters is a Coral Springs leadership training club focused on personal growth. We are a very close knit club and we support each other as we each emerge as outstanding public speakers, as well as stellar leaders in our own rights. Power Speakers Toastmasters has a unique approach to its training philosophy based on “Leadership through effective communication and efficient execution” principles. We train and support our members in their quest to grow as leaders who communicate effectively as well as organize and apply available resources efficiently.

We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7 at the Coral Springs LaQuinta Inn, half a mile north east of the intersection of Sample and University Drive. The address in 3701 North University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida, 33065.

There is never a fee to attend as a guest. Please arrive 15 minutes early for orientation.