Project 3

Guidelines: You are not required to write out your speech or even write an outline. These sample speeches are provided as guidelines to help you understand what a finished project might sound like.

Speech Title: Is your glass half empty…or half full?

Toastmaster: Cindi Foreman

Manual: Competent Communication.

Project 3: Get to the point.

1 Select a speech topic and determine its general and specific purposes.

2 Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes,

3 Ensure the beginning, body and conclusion reinforce the purposes.

4 Project sincerity and conviction and control any nervousness you may feel.

5 Strive not to use notes.


Is your glass half empty…or half full?

Everyone looks at life through a certain perspective. One may say that things are rosy while another may say that things are grey, while another may say something in between.

People that tend to be pessimistic are said to look at life in respects of their glass being half empty. Meaning that their glass may have been full at one time but it’s emptying fast! People who tend to look at life from the other end of the scale are considered to be optimistic. They are said to look at life in respects to the glass half full perspective. Meaning that their glass may have been full at one time but, none to worry, it’s still half full!! Half full means that there is plenty left to give and plenty left to live. The others are fall somewhere in between.

As we all know that life is full of uncertainties. You may have an idea of what’s next to come but when it does, is it what you thought it was going to be or something totally different, not even a smidgen of what you thought it was going to be? Back in 2008, as many of you know, started out as an ordinary day for my daughter and me. We were off to school and work and I had a Chamber meeting in the evening…nothing out of the ordinary, something that we once a month for more months that I want to count. Caity, my daughter, was dropped off after school near my office; I then took her home and returned to the office for the meeting. It was a quick 10 mile drive home, drop her off, and head back to the office. In fact, it was usually so uneventful that the car could have almost driven itself. However, that was not the case this time. Caity didn’t make it home and I didn’t make it to the meeting. We were in a car accident. It was bad and the picture made the front page of the newspaper. People thought for sure that no one made it out of the accident alive. Well…as you can see, we made it out of the car alive and we are doing well!

Other times people may have circumstances that turn out even better than they expected. For example, Steve Jobs. He was interested in computers and although chose to go to Reed College, he eventually dropped out and went on to found Apple computers. I am sure that he knew that computer would be important but I’m not sure that he expected that they would become so ingrained into our everyday lives.

Every day, people have to make choices and decisions. First of all, do we choose to get out of bed knowing that bad things are going to happen…or do we just stay in bed where it’s safe? Ok…how safe would it be to stay in bed? If you asked the people of Haiti that question, they might tell you that it might not be. We only have one life to live and I believe that we need to make the most of the circumstances that come our way-to be precise-when life gives you

lemons-what should you do? Accept that good only happens to others…or make lemonade and find someone to share it with!!

While I was preparing my speech, I came across a story about a father that had two children, twins in fact. They were identical if you just looked at them, however they were very different. One was a pessimist while the other was an optimist. The pessimist could never be happy while the optimist was always happy. For their 16th birthday, the father chose to buy gifts for each. For the pessimist, he bought enough gifts to fill their room. For the optimist, he bought enough manure to fill their room. After they went to their rooms, the father went to see what they thought of their gifts. He found the pessimist crying. He was sooo upset. He had all these new things but had to read all the manuals and learn about each gift or his friends would laugh at him. He found the optimist very excited. He said that with this much manure, there had to be a horse somewhere!

I want to leave you with a couple of thoughts. First…Think it! Believe it! Achieve it!

Second, you can look at life through a glass half full perspective…and many do. However, I choose to look at life through the glass half full perspective. I have plenty of life left to live and plenty of things left to do. Remember…you will never have as much time as you do now!

Thank you!